For Lorelle’s Review

I know you will be checking out our assignments today.   I just wanted to pass on some information.

Importing from Blogger.    I never did get the Import function to work in WordPress.  I tried several times  – it processes forever (even in class) and then when it completes, still nothing was transferred.

I tried the export file several times and that pulled only the title of the blogs – then I discovered that it would pull in draft blogs.  So in blogger I converted all my blogs to drafts and then ran the export file and pulled that into WordPress and it worked!!!!  So I spent all of Saturday on the MilwaukePolishFamilyLife site cleaning things up and testing out the private function.   Am I limited to inviting only 10 folks to the site or can I only do 10 at a time?

Not sure on some changes in the WordPress update.   The Widget function has changed – you cannot drag the widget but you have button to add to the side bar and select the position.   I do not like the Meta Widget now it added a couple of RSS feeds – not sure of their function.

The media function works well though.

I know I am missing a few items on my check list.   I will come back to those when I can spend more time on them –  unfortunately it is not going to happen in this class time.  I am just really anxious to get a website cleaned and working.   I want it up and running for the Holidays.








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